AWS认证准备-a Cloud Guru笔记 4, Cloud Watch and Monitoring

Cloud Watch

  • dashboards
  • alarm, notify you when threholds are hit
  • events, help you to response to state changes
  • logs, help you to aggregate, monitor and store logs

AWS认证准备-a Cloud Guru笔记 3, ELB Load Balancer


3 types

  • application
  • network
  • calssic

AWS认证准备-a Cloud Guru笔记 2, EC2 and EBS

EC2 101

EC2 Options

  • on demand (by seconds/hours), fixed rates
  • reserved, 1 or 3 years term
  • spot, users can bid whatever price you want for instance capacity
  • dedicated hosts (able to use existing server bond software license to save money)

On Demand

  • application with short term, spiky or unpredicable workloads
  • app tested on EC2
  • perfect for users who want low-cost and flexibility without any up-front payment or unpredictable workloads

Reserverd Instances (RI)

  • apps with steady states or predictable usafe (like web server)
  • appws required reserved capacity
  • standard up to 75% discount
  • convertible up to 54% discount
  • schedules RIs (every friday, every December)

AWS认证准备-a Cloud Guru笔记 1, IAM and S3


It is global,